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Fine Dining Etiquette

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Fine Dining Etiquette

The art of fine dining skills speaks a thousand words about the personality of a person and how receptive they are to leadership enhancement.

It is said that dining etiquette is still the number one indicator of good manners and a polished professional. Success in the business world today is greatly impacted by your relationships. A meal enables clients or business colleagues engage in social interactions and the further development of relationships. Your manners reflect on the company you represent. Good dining etiquette is part of the business priority. As an individual aspiring for excellence, elegance and that perfect image, the ability to navigate the techniques of social dining and entertaining is fast becoming a must know.


CASUAL DINING:-  This includes a tea and cocktail course to teach social graces of hosting in both social and business forums.

FINE DINING:- This involves a formal dining tutorial on the art of dining like a VIP in private & corporate dinner occasions.


(1) Dining with Class - “The Quintessential Host”

Formal Dining Skills, the Art of the Table, Silverware Savvy, including a Five Course Practical Dining Tutorial. Read more

(2) Tea Etiquette Master class - “A Sip of Tranquility”

Casual Dining for Social and Business Entertainment. Includes a complete tea tasting session with a practical high tea dining tutorial.

(3) Corporate Dining Skills - “The Art of Dining for Business and pleasure.”

Mastering the art of business dining and entertaining, it includes a five course dining tutorial.

(4) Casual Dining Graces.

Cocktail Etiquette, Mastering your Mingling Skills, Casual Dining. The etiquette and protocol of afterhour’s business entertaining. Including a cocktail reception tutorial.

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